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Wassail at a The Old Cheese Factory
Sunday 2nd September 2018 - Noon to 4pm


To watch a video of the Surley Griffin Morris Dancers click on the picture above

To watch a video of the Braidwood cantors click on the picture above

ashen faggot
To watch a video of the Burning of the ashen faggot click on the picture above

To watch a video of the Burning of the greenman blessing the trees click on the picture above


An afternoon of mumbo jumbo and hullabaloo to
toast the cider gods,
chase off evil spirits,
and wake up the apple trees to ensure a good harvest.

Blessing the apple treesPagan chants and an exorcism of spirits will take place at the Old Cheese Factoryon Sunday 2nd September. It is all part of a fun day of celebration centered on the toasting of the humble apple tree to encourage a plentiful harvest in the autumn.

Wassailing is the practice of thanking or appeasing the deity of the apple trees. The ritual retains something of the nature of sacrament despite its jollification. To us, it is a way to champion our providers, the apple trees, and showcasing their importants to the community, the landscape and to our cider business.


The day will include:

Wassail Songs by the Braidwood Cantors

Dancing by the Surley Griffin Morris

A bonfire and burning of the Ashen Faggot

Toasting of the trees by the greenman

A wassail parade and ceremony

The ceremony is concluded (Around 3.30pm) with a great deal of noise, horns are sounded, pots and trays are beaten with sticks, and a shot is fired over the tree to wake up the trees. Please bring you instriments of noise AND JOIN IN!


Here’s to the, old apple tree.
May’st thou bud, may’st they blow,
May’st thou bear apples now!
Hats full, caps full!
And my pockets full, too! Hazza!

Food is served from noon

Cornish Pasties

Cider Pot Roast

Welsh Cakes

Mulled Cider

Plus more

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