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Venture Partnerships

For decades we have been eagerly consuming cheap foods transported long distances. The result has been that local production and culture has become diluted. Contemporary governance and lifestyle have diminished much of the knowledge and skills required to sustain small scale local production. Government, council and industry regulations and standards, designed to regulate large business and protect the public, have been applied across the board becoming a hindrance to small rural production. At the Old Cheese Factory, we hope to level the playing field a little, by providing emerging and existing small scale rural producers with modern production facilities that meet all the regulations, training, advice, and the benefits of group marketing.

The flexibility of our venture partnership agreements allows them to be tailor made to suit the individual requirements of the stakeholders. Services such as kitchen hire and design work is charged pro-rata. Training and testing will be priced to suit with some services outsourced to relevant experts. By building a quality range of products, we will be able to provide a broader customer experience that will enable individual participants to attain sustainable returns. In some instances, we may be able to offer venture partners the option of paying for our facilities and services with a share of their produce. This will encourage the set up of small scale production with minimal outlay for the producer.  

Are you interested in learning more about our venture partnerships?

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Reidsdale Rural Enterprises
Cooperative Harvest

Don't let your fruit rot on the ground!
Turn it into health produce that your family can enjoy all year round.

Book a time for a pressing and bring your apples to The Old Cheese Factory. You are welcome to join us and help with the pressing for a hands on experience. Or you can leave all of the work to us.

Pressing Charges

Pressing is charged at $2.50 per finished litre.
Yields can vary from 400ml per kg to 700ml per kg.
We will buy back up to 50% of the finished juice at $2.90 per litre.
We reserve the right not to purchase the juice if the quality of the fruit is poor.

Bottling & Pasteuruisation
We can supply 750ml bottles for $1.10 each and closures for $0.55 each
$0.66/bottle will get your juice pasteurised, making it stable in the bottle for one year plus.

A pressing producing 100 litres of juice would cost $250.00
To bottle and pasteurise the 100 litres (133 bottles) would cost you $307.23. You would take home 133 x 750ml bottle of juice at a total cost of $557.23 or under $4.20 per bottle.

If you sell us half of the juice, you will recieve 66 x 750ml bottles at a cost of $257.46 or $3.90 per bottle.

The pasteurised juice has a shelf life of over a year if unopened.
Alternately you could save money by bringing your own plastic containers and freezing the juice.

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