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Sully's Produce


Curried Apple & Date
Lemon & Ginger
Araluen Peach
Zucchini & Ginger


Beetroot & Orange


Pickled OnionsPickled Onions
Pickled Walnuts
Pickled Garlic Scapes
Gardeners Mustard Pickle
Pickled Lime
Preserved Lemons

Jams, Jellys and Fruit Cheeses

Araluen Peach & Red Pepper Jam
Citron Melon JamCitron Melon Jam
Apple & Hawthorn Berry Jam
Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Lemon Marmalade
Crab Apple & Mint Jelly
Damson Fruit Cheese

Soft Drinks and Cordials

Sully's Apple Juice
Apfel Most
Ginger Beer
Rhubarb & Ginger Beer
Stinging Nettle Beer
Elder flower Cordial


Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar
Mulling Spices



Goods that reflect local distinctiveness and maintain cultural heritage.

Unlike bricks and mortar, produce and the craft and skills used to process them are ephemeral and can be easily be lost in time. In every nook and cranny there are remnants that provide us with clues to our heritage. At the Old Cheese Factory we aim to produce, encourage and champion the production of goods that reflect and sustain local distinctiveness and to rediscover our cultural heritage through reviving our rural industries.

Pear Trees on Reidsdale Creek

Throughout the district are clues to a more localised system of agriculture and economy, which for decades provided healthy sustainable supplies to the community. We have found gourds brought to Australia by Chinese diggers, remnant orchards of rare plums and cherries, an amazing variety of apple and pear trees, and evidence of a variety of factories that facilitated food production.

Chinese gardener at Mona, Braidwood

Through our activities at The Old Cheese Factory we provide an awareness of the links between variety and place and by value adding to what is often neglected produce, we have been able to ignite a growing interest in the renovation and rejuvenation of old varieties and remnant orchards.

Chutneys, pickles, jams, syrups, fruit cheeses, vinegars, dressings, cordials and juices.

In 2007 we launched a range of pickles and preserves that drew inspiration from the local culture as well as our own background. It has evolved into a range of international and regional specialties. Our artisan produce includes old favorites such as Piccalilli, Ploughman’s Styled Pickled Onions and the ever popular Autumn Chutney. Regional specialties like Pickled Garlic Scapes from Jembaicumbene, Araluen Peach and Chilli Jam, and Pickled Walnuts from Sasafras.

Garlic Scapes

Sully's Apple Juice

Our apple juice is 100% pure juice. It is pressed in small batches at The Old Cheese Factory from locally grown apples. The majority of apples are sourced from small scale growers who have from one to a few hundred trees. We also encourage custodians of remnant farm orchards to bring in their apples for pressing. In most cases the resulting juice is shared between us and the grower, we bottle and pasteurise our share and sell it at our cellar door and produce shop and selected retail outlets.

Apple Juice

The apple flavour is intense, as we do not filter or add preservatives. Each batch is different and the taste profile across the season is astounding. The juice is bottled in 750ml glass bottles and pasteurised to give it excellent shelf life.

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