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Sully's Cider at the Old Cheese FactorySullys Cider

At Sully's Cider we pride ourselves as being a bastion against the sugary, industrialised drink that has flooded the market posing as cider.

Our cider is made using genuinel cider apple varieties using traditional techniques. As with wine our cider is made on a vintage using either a single variety or a blend of cider apple varieties. The result is a diversity of styles and flavours that change from season to season, batch to batch. Sometimes chewy and tannic, sometimes smooth and woody. They can be sweet and fruity or mouth puckering dry. The one thing we can pledge is that our cider will never be ordinary!

Sully's ciders can be sampled and purchased at the Old Cheese Factory, Reidsdale on Sundays from 11am to 4pm. Or by appointment.

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'Explore everything; keep the best'

John Evelyn 1620-1706
Diarist and cider advocate.

ReidsdaleReidsdale Sunset

Reidsdale sits high on a ridge between the Araluen Valley and the coastal escarpment, a mere 30km, as the Black Cockatoo glides, inland from Bateman's Bay (a bit further by road). Rich in natural beauty, saturated in the stories of early colonial settlers, and immersed in indigenous myth, Reidsdale is a special place. Religion, hunting, trade, pastoral leases, gold, timber, market gardening, orcharding, dairying and beef farming are the reasons that people migrated to Reidsdale, and roughly in that order. However it is its magical beauty that has encouraged many to stay.

The Irish were first to realise the potential in the fertile ridge that shadowed the tented cities of fortune. A unique micro climate dominated by late afternoon cool damp air, known locally as the ‘Monga Mist’, allowed dairying to thrive in the area. Reidsdale became known as Irish Corner and in 1912 a number of traditional Irish family farms merged to form the Reidsdale Cheese Making Cooperative. In 1927 a new state of the art cheese factory was constructed and the ‘Reidsdale Rural Cooperative Society’ was formed. Sully's at the Old Cheese Factory is housed in the original 1927 Cheese Factory.

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Join us in an afternoon of mumbo jumbo and hullabaloo to
toast the cider gods,
chase off evil spirits,
and wake up the apple trees to ensure a good harvest.

Sunday 1st September
Noon to 4pm

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Video: Traditional Cider Making (Michael Cavanagh)

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by apointment only

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Sully's Cider is made using recognised Cider ApplesSomerset Redstreak

Cider apples are cultuvars that have been grown specifically for the making of cider. Cider apples make superior cider, much as wine grapes will produce a superior wine.

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Sullys Produce at the Old Cheese Factory
Damson Fruit Cheese

A range of pickles, preserves, juice and soft drinks. Inspired from a blend of local produce and culture with our unique family heritage.

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